Congratulations, you’re having a baby! Pregnancy can be a joyous and exciting time, but it can also present challenges for some students who experience limitations or complications associated with their pregnancy. Pregnancy alone is not considered a disability under the ADA (because it is not an impairment), but a student who is pregnant can be protected under the ADA in some situations.

In collaboration with the Title IX Office, the Accessible Education Center (AEC) determines and prescribes temporary accommodations for students with documented pregnancy-related limitations. 

Students experiencing pregnancy related limitations must  Register with AEC by completing our online application. Students are required to submit documentation confirming their pregnancy and verifying pregnancy related limitations, including severity. Documentation must be submitted on office letterhead from treating professional’s office and must include a wet signature/DocuSign. Documentation must be from a qualified/licensed professional, who is unrelated to the student, and whose credentials permit the evaluation of the limitations. The documentation must include the following information and any other information that will assist the AEC in determining the student’s request:  

  1. Confirmation of pregnancy & due date
  2. A description of the specific limitations experienced as a result of the pregnancy and how these limit one or more major life activities
  3. The impact of medication on the student's ability to meet the demands of the postsecondary environment, if relevant
  4. For students who experience flare ups or intermittent symptoms, describe the current severity, duration, and frequency. Suggest recommendations for accommodations and/or services that the student may require and describe how the pregnancy related limitations necessitates the need for the specific requested accommodation

Once the AEC application and appropriate disability documentation has been provided, the AEC will message the student to the email provided in the application with next steps and a link to schedule the “Intake Appointment.”

During the Intake, the student and AEC counselor fully engage in the interactive process which provides both the student and AEC counselor an opportunity to discuss eligibility and reasonable and appropriate accommodation(s), if qualified.