How to Register With AEC

Students, faculty and staff must be vaccinated by September 30 against COVID-19 if they are accessing campus facilities at any university location across the 23 campuses. Visit COVID-19 Vaccines Requirements for detailed information.

Registration with the Accessible Education Center (AEC) is completed online through our student portal MyAEC. This flowchart [pdf]provides a step-by-step overview of our registration process. For more detailed information, please read the information below. If you have questions or need assistance throughout the registration process, contact AEC by phone at (408) 924-6000 or email at

Before you begin the AEC application, have a digital copy of appropriate disability documentation ready for upload. For details on documentation criteria, refer to the AEC’s Guidelines for Disability Documentation. 

All applications are reviewed within 7-10 business days. AEC will use the email provided in the application to communicate all progress/follow up with your application. You should check both your inbox and the junk/spam folder regularly. If by the 10th day you have not received a message from AEC, please email


STEP 1: Complete Application:

Students must provide their SJSU email address when completing the application (if one has been assigned to them). Failure to do so may delay or prevent the delivery of important follow-up emails.
(Information about student email addresses can be found here.) 

STEP 2: Submit Disability Documentation

If a student is unable to upload their documentation directly to the application, AEC will email them a link to upload documentation afterwards. Students may also email documentation to

Upload Instructions:

  1. Documents must be scanned at 150 - 300 dpi as resolution
  2. The maximum allowable file size is 5 MB per upload.
  3. List of Acceptable File Formats:
  • (Preferred*) PDF Document (Scan with 300 DPI or less)
  • Rich Text File (RTF)
  • Text File (TXT)
  • Microsoft Word (DOC or DOCX)
  • Microsoft Excel (XLS or XLSX)
  • Image (PNG, JPEG, or JPG)

* Students may use Apple/Mac devices to scan and create PDFs of documents. 

STEP 3: AEC will review the application/documentation.

This typically takes a few business days. Processing time may be longer during busy periods.

If a student's documentation does not meet our guidelines, we will email the student to ask for additional documentation. Students can contact AEC with any questions they have about their documentation. 

Step 4: Schedule an Appointment

Once the AEC application and appropriate disability documentation have been submitted, AEC will email the student (at the email address provided in the application) with information about scheduling their “Intake Appointment.”

STEP 5: Meet with a AEC Counselor

During the intake appointment the student and counselor fully engage in the interactive process. This provides the student and AEC counselor an opportunity to discuss eligibility and reasonable and appropriate accommodation(s), if qualified. Students must attend their scheduled Intake Appointment with an AEC counselor in order to complete the AEC registration process. 


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