Transitioning to SJSU

Attending SJSU

New students attending San José State University will notice several differences upon coming to campus.  Some of these differences can be seen in the the registration process for disability services, the accommodations students receive, and the level of involvement from family and faculty.  All of these changes can be overwhelming; the Accessible Education Center (AEC) will help students transition to life at SJSU with resources in understanding the differences between high school and college, learning strategies and skills, and the resources available to you as a student. 

Please visit the following links for further information regarding SJSU Orientation's and SJSU's Early Start Program: 

SJSU Orientation's

Early Start

Differences Between High School and College Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

As students begin their academic careers at SJSU, it is important to keep in mind that the education and the accommodations received will be affected by a different set of laws, policies, and procedures. These laws guarantee equal access and opportunity to an education without fundamentally altering the essential requirements and expectations of a class or program. These laws require that the student assume responsibility for providing documentation of their disability, identify needed accommodations, and make timely requests for support and services. The transition from high school or community college to SJSU can be difficult for any student, especially for students with disabilities. Once transitioning over from high school to SJSU, students will be treated as adults and expected to assume responsibility in advocating for their needs. Additionally some of the accommodations students received in high school or at a community college may not be available or appropriate in a university such as SJSU. 

The AEC is the University center responsible for assisting students with disabilities to determine and provide reasonable and appropriate academic accommodations and services to promote retention and graduation. Students with disabilities are encouraged to register with the AEC to assist in achieving equal access to University programs and facilities.

Prior to attending SJSU, students should familiarize themselves with the changes that occur in the transition from high school to the university setting. [pdf] 


Admission Appeal Process for Undergraduate Applicant Due to Disability

The following information must be submitted to the Accessible Education Center (AEC) for undergraduate students requesting admissions review due to disability related circumstances. All documents submitted for review must include the student’s SJSU ID number. 

1. Disability Documentation (Documentation Guidelines)

2. A personal statement

  • Reason of admission denial
  • Intended major and current GPA
  • Should outline educational/career goals and any extenuating circumstances related to your academic standing;
  • Must be typed with a maximum of two (2) pages in length, proofread, and edited for conciseness.

3. Two letters of recommendation

  • Must be on professional letterhead;
  • May be requested from teachers, academic advisor, counselor, tutors, or other individuals who can attest to the student’s academic skills;

4. An unofficial transcript.

5. Email copy of all original documents to:

The Accessible Education Center’s Case Management Team’s reviews all submitted documentation with respect to disability consideration and admissions review. The Case Team’s recommendation will be submitted to the Director of Enrollment Services and the Admissions Appeal Committee for their review and decision. Enrolment Services will notify the student of the decision.