Transfer Advising and Transfer Orientation

During your transfer orientation, you will be able to attend an advising session offered by one of the department's major advisors. This is your opportunity to learn and ask questions about your major requirements.

Transfer Student Orientation Powerpoint Slides [pptx]

Please see the Academic Advising and Retention Services page for more information for transfer students.


Welcome to AFAM at SJSU!

Dear SJSU Student,

Welcome to the Department of African American Studies (AFAM) in the College of Social Sciences at SJSU! You are registered to attend SJSU Transfer Orientation this summer and we are excited to meet you. As part of the Spartan Experience for Transfers Orientation, you will connect with advisors and faculty both in the College of Social Sciences and the Department of AFAM. You will receive your registration appointment allowing you to register for courses prior to orientation. We strongly encourage you to take the opportunity to do this. During your major advising informational session at orientation, you will receive assistance with registration. 

We understand that you are receiving a considerable amount of SJSU information and that you may feel overwhelmed, so we addressed some questions commonly asked by incoming transfer students.

When can I register for classes?

All incoming transfer students will be permitted to register for classes before Spartan Experience for Transfers Orientation. Starting June 15, transfer students will be eligible to enroll in courses for Fall 2020. Check your MySJSU Messages (accessed through for more information regarding your course registration appointment date. 

How do I know which classes to choose?

To help you select courses for your major we have created a guide with registration tips. Of course, should you need help, you can always reach out to a department advisor.

For General Education (GE) requirements, you can consider enrolling in upper division GE courses, called SJSU Studies[BROKEN LINK]. You are welcome to make an appointment to discuss General Education requirements with an ACCESS Advisor. Please visit the ACCESS website[BROKEN LINK] to make an appointment.

What is the Writing Skills Test and do I have to take it?

Prior to COVID-19, students were required to take the Writing Skills Test (WST) and pass with a satisfactory score before enrolling in SJSU Studies courses. However, an alternative process, called the WST Directed Self Placement, was created to prevent any barriers to students' progress to degree, and to allow students to enroll in SJSU Studies courses (GE Areas R, S, V and Z). Transfer students are encouraged to complete the WST Directed Self Placement exercise to determine readiness for the Written Communication II requirement within your major, the 100W course. If, after completing the WST Directed Self Placement, you feel you could benefit from an extra semester of writing instruction, you may enroll in Engl 100A or LLD 100A for Fall semester, then enroll in the 100W course the following semester. Every student must satisfy the Graduation Writing Requirement, and at San Jose State this requirement is satisfied when students pass 100W with a C or better. 

How do I find courses?

You can find courses in the current SJSU Course Catalog

How do I register for courses? 

Please refer to SJSU’s YouTube video on how to register for courses. 

How do I check my progress pertaining to academic requirements at San Jose State?

An online tool, called My Progress, allows students to keep up-to-date with their progress pertaining to General Education requirements, major requirements, and other graduation requirements. Please refer to SJSU’s YouTube video on how to navigate MyProgress. 

We encourage you to make a note of any additional questions you may have, as there will be time to address these questions during orientation. If you have general questions about Spartan Experience for transfers (SET)  orientation, please refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ's).

We will expect you to come prepared with any questions you have so that we can make the most of your time at orientation. Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Boyce if you have any questions. There will also be some time for questions at the college-specific informational session as well. 

We look forward to working together with you during your time at SJSU. Go Spartans!


The Faculty and Staff of the Department of African American Studies

*For any accommodations, please contact the Accessible Education Center[BROKEN LINK]


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