Meet our Student of the Month: Taylor Adams!

               Student of the Month     

"My name is Taylor Adams-Booker. I like to cook, sing/listen to music, and watch tv basicaly anything that keeps me abreast of pop culture aka I live on twitter. Oh! and I enjoy horror movies. One of my hobbies is collecting shoes. I am deeply proud of my shoe collection (my best fun fact).

I'm interested in learning more about black women in the horror genre specifically the lack of us in gothic literature. I also want to look into why Black Studies is rarely offered as a major at HBCU's. Finally I want to learn how relationships with your parents or lack thereof impact who you become as an adult. 

Awesome! Thank you Taylor, and Congratulations for the Month of March!


Ada: African American Studies Volunteer Corps

"Ada" is Arabic for "shine, illuminate, enlighten." The African American Studies (AFAM) Volunteer Corps' purpose is to illuminate and enligthen the SJSU community to the mission, vision, and goals of the department through service. As such, Ada supports the success of departmental programs, activities, and initiatives. 

2019-2020 Volunteer Corps

  • Taylor Adams-Booker
  • Daylon Davis
  • Jocelyn Jones-Trammell
  • Carmen Kennedy-Selah
  • Marcell Leath
  • Charles Van Meurs
  • India Glynn
  • Tamia Addison

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