Cadet Life


Become included in all activities!

Besides the required classes, LLAB, and PT, many other opportunities exist for cadets to become involved in other activities. Cadets may be involved in many programs from sports to clubs and internships. In addition, AFROTC also gives people the opportunity to join special clubs such as Arnold Air Society and Precision Drill Unit (PDU). 

The detachment also provides other activities, such as trips to military installations which are organized throughout the year for cadets who want to learn more about the military lifestyle. The Air Force ROTC program helps fund these activities to ensure cadets have the opportunity to gain insight into multiple career possibilities.

Important Notes

Being a student comes first! AFROTC is very academic focused and wants you to do well in your academics. Furthermore, once you join the program you can leave anytime during your first 2 years. You are not obligated to stay in the program if you do not wish. Finally, we have a zero tolerance hazing and sexual harassment policy so everyone is welcome and feels safe!