College of Science

The College of Science's mission is to prepare students for rewarding careers in biological sciences, chemistry, computer science, geology, mathematics, meteorology, physics and astronomy; provide lower division core biology, chemistry, mathematics, meteorology, geology and physics courses for majors in technical disciplines (such as engineering); enable all undergraduate students to achieve a well-rounded education by attaining the quantitative, critical thinking, and scientific skills necessary for lifelong learning and informed decision-making on scientific issues; prepare future K-12 teachers with the appropriate math and science content and teaching practices required for teaching math and science in California's diverse classrooms; and provide professional development opportunities for these teachers; and, foster high levels of student learning and faculty development by encouraging and supporting individualized undergraduate and graduate inquiry-based research and scholarship.

The most recent program plan and action plan are linked by department. For a complete archive of annual assessment reports and program planning materials, SJSU users may request access to the Program Records drive. All Annual Assessment reports are available Nuventive