Course Rotation

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Check marks indicate semesters when the Department plans to offer at least one section of a course. Availability of staff enrollment patterns may affect whether a course is offered. Special topics and experimental courses are not listed but may be offered. The Department of Anthropology does not control when courses are scheduled by other departments.

Course Description
11 Cultural Anthropology X X X X X X X X
12 Intro. to Human Evolution X X X X X X X X
13 Archaeology X  X X  X X X X X
25 Human Lifecourse in Context X X X X X  X  X  X
100W Writing Workshop X X X X X  X  X  X
105 Applied Anthropology      X     X    
107 Eating Culture    X   X    X    X
108 Medical Anthropology X   X   X    X  
115* The Emerging Global Culture X X X X X  X  X  X
125* Urban Anthropology   X        X    
129 Environmental Anthropology        X        X
130 Kin, Kith, and Community     X    X    X  
131 Theories of Culture X   X   X    X  
132* Creating Built Worlds    X   X    X    X
133 Organizational Cultures      X    X    X  
136 Thought Control   X   X    X    X
140* Human Sexuality X X X X X  X  X  X
142 Culture in Mind X       X      
143 Culture and Adaptation     X        X  
144 Gifts, Markets, & Power      X        X  
146 Culture and Conflict X X X X X  X  X  X
148 Religion and Anthropology X       X      
149 Ethnographic Methods X   X   X    X  
151 Modernity and Disease   X      X      X
152 Becoming Human  X      X      X  
154 Monkeys, Apes and Humans      X      X    
155 Forensic Osteology X     X      X  
156 Bioarchaeology     X      X    
159 Mummies    X     X      X
160 Reconstructing Lost Civilizations X X X X X  X  X  X
161 Old World Civilizations   X     X      X
162 Inca, Aztec, Maya Civilization     X      X    
164 North America before 1492 X     X      X  
165 Historical Archaeology X   X   X    X  
168 Archaeological Methodology   X        X    
173 Multimedia Anthropology      X      X    
175 Anthropology of Native America X       X      
176 Native California, Past & Present     X        X  
177 Anthropology of Asia X     X      X  
178 Anth. of Latin America   X     X    
190 Designing Research       X        X
191 Frontiers of Anthropology   X   X    X    X
193 Behavioral Science in Practice X X X X X  X  X  X
230 Theory in Practice X   X   X    X  
231 Applications Core A X   X   X    X  
232 Applications Core B   X   X    X    X
233 Fields of Applications X   X   X    X  
234 Advanced Research Methods   X   X    X    X
235 Quantitative Methods   X   X    X    X
290 Project/Thesis Supervision X X X X X  X  X
296** Heritage Management                
  Organizational Studies                
101 People & Organizations X   X   X    X  
102 Organizations, Inquiry & Analysis   X   X    X    X
103 Organizational Studies Capstone   X   X    X    X

*Courses are cross-listed

** 296 Contact Professor Meniketti or Sunseri