Supporting Our Department

The SJSU Anthropology Department is ideally situated to serve organizations and institutions with a global focus. We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley, a cosmopolitan and culturally diverse region known for its innovation and creative problem solving approaches. In recent years, our department has forged collaborative relationships with a variety of organizations ranging from technology companies to non-profit organizations, and local government.

We invite you to support our department's undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty by making a tax-deductible contribution. Your financial support will allow us to provide more opportunities to meet the needs of public, private, and non-profit organizations, while ensuring that our students receive a high-quality education. Gifts to the SJSU Anthropology Department can be targeted towards specific objectives, or donated for general purposes--the choice is yours. No gift is too small! Some of our most urgent needs include:

  • research funding for graduate student research in applied anthropology
  • laboratory equipment for archeology and physical anthropology research
  • digital tools for ethnographic research in behavioral science and organzational studies
  • support for departmental events featuring student and faculty projects
  • student scholarships and grants for textbooks and supplies
  • upgraded furnishings for the Integrative Anthropology Laboratory
  • materials for displaying student research at conferences and campus events

Some of the benefits of giving to the Anthropology Department include:

  • invitations to attend departmental events and lectures
  • recognition on the SJSU Anthropology Department website
  • opportunities to meet with the department's students and faculty
  • VIP tours of the department's Integrative Anthropology Laboratory and curational facility
  • discounted copies of books and docmentary films produced by faculty members

Please contact Roberto Gonzalez, the department chair, to find out how you can best support our department. You can also visit our secure website. Contact us to make sure that your support goes directly to the Department of Anthropology.