New Graduate Students

Gabbie FallGabbie Fall

BA in Anthropology/ San José State University

Language Spoken: 

Reading, multimedia art, discussing Outlander with my mom, forensic anthropology, as well as environmental anthropology. 

Area of Expertise: Bold of you to assume I have any expertise outside of the Twilight series and making coffee drinks.  If I do, it would be quantitative research methods.

Past Research: 
Ethnographic research on the Coyote Creek flood in San Jose.


"It’s easy to do nothing, it’s hard to forgive." - Aang, Avatar the Last Airbender


Nik Bonovich
BA Political Science, University of California, Los Angeles
MA Journalism, University of California, Berkeley

Language Spoken:

Ethnography, Qualitative Research, Market Research, Business Anthropology, Psychological Anthropology, middle class, Homeless

Area of Expertise: Market Research, Journalism, Campaigns & Elections, Politics

Past Research: Market Research, Public Opinion & Voting Behavior, Campaigns & Elections, Redistricting, Advertising, Messaging

"The unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates

Chloë AngstChloe

Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance, Sacramento State University

Language Spoken:

Taphonomy, osteology, forensic anthropology, egyptology, bioarchaeology, singing, acting,
writing music, playing piano, painting, costuming, taxidermy, science fiction, women's studies

Area of Expertise: Embalming, restorative art, and performing musical theatre

Past Research: N/A

“Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody's gonna die. Come watch T.V.” -Morty Smith

Diana Price Diana Price

B.A. in Anthropology at California State University, Fresno

Language Spoken:

Food, Pop Culture, Traveling, Geology, Videography 

Area of Expertise: Culture through Food, Pop Culture, Online Communities, Transcript Writing and Coding Interviews, Infographics

Past Research: Fresno Foodways; Ethnographic Research to Showcase Locally Owned Restaurants of Fresno, CA (Anthro Dept., Fresno State). The Bridges and Barriers of Southeast Asian Americans Pursuing Their Academics (Fresno State, Jenny Banh). Pacific Islander’s Representation in Popular Culture (Fresno State, Jenny Banh).

Daniela Flores Paniagua

BA in Anthropology with a concentration in Archeology and Biological Anthropology from Cal State East Bay.

Language Spoken:
 Spanish, English

Forensics, Cultural Anthropology and community archeology 

Area of Expertise: Archeology and Physical Anthropology

Past Research:

Per Aspera Ad Astra

Sean DavisSean

BA Anthropology San Jose State University

Language Spoken: English 

Interests: Hiking, languages, archaeology, ceramics, California history in relation to immigration.

Area of Expertise: Archaeology, ceramics, and immigration in California.

Past Research: Shipwreck Ceramics Analysis, Research Assistant under Marco Meniketti. 

Graham WadeGraham Wade

BA in Anthropology Saint Mary’s College of California 2019

Language Spoken: English

Interests: Travel, Hiking, Writing, Video and Board Games

Area of Expertise: Digital Anthropology, Anthropology of the Internet

Past Research: The development of social movements within World of Warcraft. Refugees in Japan

Lindsley Britton Lindsley

University of California, Santa Cruz

Language Spoken: English

Interests: Zooarchaeology, bioarchaeology, paleopathology, domestication, persistence of native foodways, belief systems, food choices, art, and social identity

Area of Expertise: Zooarchaeology and CRM lab management

Past Research: Faunal analysis for archaeological recovery at multiple historic sites including Mission Santa Clara de Asis, Eberhart Tannery, CA-ALA-70/H, Castro Adobe, and prehistoric sites including CA-SCL-755, CA-SLO-165, CA-SMA-18, CA-SMA-218, and CA-MNT-17

Michael JonesMichael Jones

BA in Anthropology / University of California Santa Cruz

Languages Spoken: English and Spanish (Castellano)

Interests: Legend of Zelda, Dark Souls, A Song of Ice and Fire, Anime, Writing, Worldbuilding, Fantasy Novels, Comics, Board Games, World History, Philosophy, and Learning About New Cultures!

Area of Expertise: Cultural Anthropology

Past Research: The Role of Gender in the Practice and Politics of Witchcraft, Witchcraft and the Symbols of Santa Cruz

Patrick PadiernosPatrick

Bachelor of Arts at Concordia University Irvine

Language Spoken: French Japanese Tagalog

Interests: Backpacking, Hiking, Surfing, Rock climbing, Yoga, Tea, Mental Health, Wellness, Bioinformatics, Paleopathology, Psychoneuroimmunology, Neuro Anthropology, Buddhism, and Psychology Ethnopharmacology

Area of Expertise: Biological Anthropology Design Art History

Past Research: Health Indicators and Methodologies from Promtin Tai Archeological Site (NCSU 2019)

“Above all, I have been a sentient being, a thinking animal, on this beautiful planet, and that in itself has been an enormous privilege and adventure.” - Oliver Sacks