B.A. in Behavioral Science

Major GPA Requirements

Behavioral science majors develop an interdisciplinary perspective on human behavior and an understanding of the psychological, social and cultural dimensions to being human in a complex society. Offered cooperatively by the Departments of Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology, the Behavioral Science Program is housed in the Department of Anthropology, which oversees academic advising. The program prepares graduates for a variety of jobs that require working with social science data and with people. Many of our alumni have pursued careers in human resources, social work, counseling, sales and marketing, and law enforcement. By earning a degree in behavioral science, you'll get the best of three worlds!

Core Requirements (15 units)                                      

All Behavioral Science majors are required to take the following courses: ANTH 011 Cultural Anthropology; PSYC 001 General Psychology; SOCI 001 Introduction to Sociology; ANTH/PSYC/ SOCI 193 Behavioral Science in Practice; and either STAT 095 Elementary Statistics, SOCI/SOCS 015 Statistical Applications in the Social Sciences, or SOCI 102 Introduction to Statistics.

Anthropology (9 units)

Choose three courses in Anthropology (at least two of which must be upper-division), which may include ANTH 149 or ANTH 165.

Psychology (9 units)

Choose three courses in Psychology (at least two of which must be upper-division), which may include PSYC 018 or PSYC 120.

Sociology (9 units)

All Behavioral Science majors are required to take SOCI 101 and two additional upper-division Sociology courses, which may include SOCI 104.

Emphasis (6 units)

Choose two additional upper-division Anthropology, Psychology, or Sociology courses that reflect your interests and that are approved by a Behavioral Science advisor. 

We recommend that students complete their SJSU Studies Area Z requirement by taking either ANTH, PSYC, or SOCI 100W, although the course does not count as one of your upper division major courses.

NOTE: No Area R, S, or V courses will count towards the Behavioral Science degree.