Spring 2022 | February


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Liftoff – SJSU MFA Thesis Exhibition 2022 


Hosted by the San José Institute of Contemporary Art

Opening Reception: Thur April 7 5-7pm

Exhibition Dates: April 7 - August 14, 2022




As a component of their degree, MFA Candidates at San Jose State University mount two exhibits housed within one of six University Galleries; one exhibition in their second year of study and a culminating Thesis Exhibition at the end of their third year. In addition to the Solo Thesis Exhibitions installed on campus, MFA Candidates have the option of participating in a group exhibition called LiftOff hosted off-site & pairing with an MA Candidate in Art History and Visual Culture to create an entry in the annual, Lift-off Catalogue. Past exhibitions have been installed at Root Division (SF), Incline Gallery (SF), Pro Arts (Oakland), and the San Jose Institute for Contemporary Art. Recent Curatorial advisors for the exhibition include Chris Gurnder & Cléa Massiani (Co-Directors of Bass & Rainer, SF), Kevin Chen (Independent Curator), Marcella Faustini (co-Director of CLOACA Projects, SF).

Students combine their in-class experiences, faculty mentorship, independent research, and individual studio practices to produce these exhibitions. 


Participating Artists:

Kelcey Bauer

Heather Brown

Natalia Vihreva

Jennifer Cannon

Oscar Lopez

Tyler Stannard

James Jenkins

Peter Moen

John Contreras

Ashley Ann Vaughan

Jackelin Solorio

Felix Quintana


Curated by:

Zoe Latzer, Curatorial and Public Programs Associate, San José Institute of Contemporary Art

Marc Mayer, Chief Curator and Director of Programs, San José Institute of Contemporary Art

Faculty Advisors:

Rhonda Holberton, Assistant Professor, Digital Media Arts & Art Graduate Program Coordinator

Alena Sauzade, Director of the Thompson Gallery, San José State University

Chelsea Thompto, Assistant Professor, Digital Media Arts 


feet stomping on clay


Futurefarmers in a month long artist-residency at San Jose State University - hosted together by the Dept. of Art and Art History and the Natalie and James Thompson Gallery.


Students and the faculty in the Ceramics and the Pictorial Program in the Department of Art and Art History will be collaborating with Amy Franceschini and Futurefarmers, in the Spring of 22, to produce new work to be presented in their upcoming exhibition at the Natalie and James Thompson Gallery titled Bones, Tones and Phones.

Bones Tones and Phones


Highlights from the Archive


 Titus Kaphar Time Magazine Cover


BFA Pictorial Art Alumnus, Titus Kaphar paints cover image for June 2020 cover of Time Magazine.

'I Cannot Sell You This Painting.' Artist Titus Kaphar on his George Floyd TIME Cover.