Studio Practice Program



BA Art Concentration in Studio Practice




The BA in Art General Studio Practice Concentration allows students to pursue a general study in the visual arts, or to create their own curriculum combining studies in visual arts with other fields. For students preferring a broad art background instead of an intense specialization, this program provides students with a variety of art experiences.

Students enrolled in the Studio Practice concentration are not necessarily preparing for a career in art or design, although many use the program as preparation for graduate level studies. The required studio work is intended to intensify awareness of visual art forms and introduce a variety of technical processes and theoretical approaches. Concentrations and emphases are designed to offer opportunities to study digital media art, photography, pictorial art and spatial art. Studio Practice also provides a basic program leading to a teaching credential in art.

Admission to the BA programs is open to all University students.

In addition to general education coursework, the BA in Art General Studio Practice Concentration requires (a) coursework in core courses that constitute a general preparation for the major, concentration, or emphasis and (b) coursework that is specific to a concentration and an area of emphasis. Coursework in an area of emphasis, including the preparatory courses and requirements for lower and upper division art history, will range from 52 to 61 units. The total units required for a BA degree is 124, which allows for 19 to 21 units of electives and the possibility of a minor.