Anne Simonson



(408) 924-4320



Doctor of Philosophy in Art History, University of California - Los Angeles, CA
Bachelor of Arts in English, University of California - Berkeley, CA

At SJSU since 1982, Prof Simonson has taught a wide variety of upper-division and graduate courses in Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque art/architecture as well as interdisciplinary courses in 20th century creative arts and seminars on the creative process, taught while she served as coordinator for the Creative Arts Program from 1987 to 2001. For Art History and Visual Culture, current/recent courses include study of the Northern Renaissance (188A/B), Northern/Spanish 17th-century Painting (189B), Medieval Art from the 4th-14th centuries (186A/B), graduate seminars on historical topics (illuminated manuscripts, painting of Vermeer and Velázquez) and also practical ones (research methods, the teaching of art history). Other interests include Neolithic to Bronze Age art in Europe and Central Asia and the history of the book.

Published articles deal with the painting in the Low Countries, France, and Spain in the 15th and 16th centuries. Unpublished work deals especially with issues of art and ephemeral art production at the Court of Burgundy; work on "ephemeral art" refers to the design, installation, and time-based performance of objects (including tapestries and other collaborative products) and events (including banquets and ceremonial entries of rulers into cities).