Elizabeth Consavari


Doctor of Philosophy, Indiana University, Bloomington

MA in Art History, Indiana University, Bloomington

BA in Art History, Occidental College


(408) 924-4582

Art 117

Dr. Elizabeth Carroll Consavari has written articles on the interpretation of altarpiece iconography for The Burlington Magazine and Arte Documento. Her chapter from the anthology, Reinventing Mary Magdalene, Studies from the Middle Ages to the Baroque, (eds. Michelle A. Erhardt and Amy M. Morris), Brill Publishing, 2012, is entitled, “Tintoretto’s Holy Hermits at the Scuola Grande di San Rocco.” The chapter explores the meaning of Jacopo Tintoretto’s Mary Magdalene and Mary of Egypt in the context of the Confraternity of San Rocco. She co-edited with Stephanie Miller and Erin J. Campbell and contributed a chapter to The Early Modern Italian Domestic Interior, 1400-1700: Objects, Spaces, Domesticities, Ashgate Publishing, 2013. The book provides an historical perspective on the questions, “What is home?” and “What is the domestic?” through case studies of the domestic interior across regions, classes, and time. Her chapter addresses the Venetian interior and how household art collections evolved in the late sixteenth-century to show the practices of display developing within the domestic interiors of the urban elite. She is also working on a book manuscript, Rivalling Bellini: Negotiating Artistic Exchange Between Early Modern Venice and Vicenza. 


Dr. Elizabeth Carroll Consavari has taught art history for the Colgate University Venice Program, the Venice International University in Italy, and for the Department of Art and Art History at Stanford University.