Dr. Josine Smits


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ART 121

Dr.Josine Eikelenboom Smits has taught surveys of Western art as well as upper division and graduate level courses in eighteenth and nineteenth century art history at California College of the Arts, Stanford University, UCBerkeley Extension and SJSU. 

She received a Master's degree in Art History from the Sorbonne (Paris IV), as well as an M.A and Ph.D from Stanford University for a dissertation on the nineteenth century landscape painter Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, on whom she has lectured at the Louvre. In her research and writing she continues to illuminate Corot’s oeuvre in the broader cultural and philosophical context of Romanticism. She developed a second specialty as a research scholar at Tokyo University, where she studied the influence of Japanese woodblock prints (Ukiyo-e) on Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and the art of Van Gogh. She has lectured on the aspect of Japonisme in Van Gogh’s work at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.