John Bruneau



(408) 924-4391


ART 321


Master of Fine Arts in Digital Media Arts, San José State University, CA
Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts, University of California-San Diego, CA

John Pierre Bruneau is an internationally exhibiting new media artist based in the Silicon Valley. He holds a technology specialist position at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching which allows him to further his research into educational technology and serious games. He is a part-time Lecturer at San Jose State University where he teaches classes in game studies, art and programming. Bruneau is the cofounder of Ars Virtua, The Third Faction, and the San Jose State Game Developers Club. He has an MFA in Digital Media from the CADRE Laboratory for New Media (Computers, Art, Design, Research, and Education) at San Jose State University. He received his Bachelor's degree from the University of California, San Diego in ICAM (Inter-disciplinary Computing in the Arts Major). Primarily working in games as a medium, his projects range from interactive installation pieces, to online game development, to performance art in virtual worlds. He has exhibited his work in Zer01 SJ, The Streaming Museum, San Jose Museum of Art, Laguna Art Museum and ISEA as well as others. His goal is to find new, innovative ways to improve education though technology and most importantly, keep learning fun