Christine Canepa



(408) 924-4403


ART 317


Master of Arts in Pictorial Arts, San Jose State University, CA

Christine Canepa grew up on the wilder shores of the Pacific. A sailor's daughter, she had a natural curiosity for things in other places and began wondering early on, "What's going on over there?" This led her to wander, and sometimes rest in places like Istanbul and Paris. Finding how others interpret reality quite fascinating, she studied anthropology, and then Fine Arts at San Francisco State University. Her current body of work is an ongoing investigation into how we negotiate information, particularly that which forms our relationship with the world-at-large, as participants in a Global Community. For most of us, our primary window to the world is various news and media outlets, which often give us a glimpse of cultures both foreign and domestic that is biased, fragmented, sensationalized, or inaccurate. Christine Canepa works with imagery drawn from online news sources, which is then run through various filters prior to painting, a process that parallels the distorted nature of information.