Monica Van den Dool




(408) 924-4683


IS 124C


Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture, Montana State University, MT
Bachelor of Arts in English, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara CA

Monica Van den Dool's work consists of hand-built ceramic sculpture, narrative tableaux, and wall pieces. Generally, it deals with the human inability to comprehend or express our own mortality and connection to the natural world, and plays upon our separation and alienation from these natural and immutable processes. Visual influences range between the natural world, the surreal, the saccharine world of Walt Disney, and the melodramatic scenes depicted on taqueria calendars. Her relationship to clay as a sculptural medium is not invested in traditional concerns about history or process. She has always responded to clay as an almost characterless but intrinsically responsive and visceral material with limitless potential for manipulation.

Monica Van den Dool holds an MFA from the Montana State University, Bozeman. In her work, she creates psychological tableaus through the use of strong, often bigger-than-life-size figurative elements and a narrative that is both personal and accessible.

Recent exhibitions include the traveling exhibition, "A Ceramic Continuum: Fifty Years of the Archie Bray Influence", "Biological Mutiny" at Sonoma State University, and "Crude" at the Dirt Gallery in Kansas City.