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Digital Media Arts Faculty

January 27 - March 20, 2015

Digital Media Arts Faculty

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Neal Schwartz

October 14
Neal Schwartz: Onomatopoetic Space – I Make My Own Name

Some words take their shape directly from the expressiveness of the sounds they name: SPLAT! WHAM! POW! This lecture focuses on the recent work of Schwartz and Architecture and their continuing attempts to conflate the distance between spatial experience and design, in order to create a kind of onomatopoetic space.

Andrew Blanton

October 21
Theory + Practice: Andrew Blanton and Lordy Rodriguez with G. Craig Hobbs

What are the latest trends in contemporary art and design, and in what ways do these areas intersect? The ongoing series Theory + Practice is a platform to discuss issues of interest to those involved in today’s complex and shifting cultural arena, featuring a changing panel of faculty who discuss and debate the practical and theoretical ramifications of their work. This evening, our two new professors 
Andrew Blanton and Lordy Rodriguez, involved in the new arts entrepreneurship initiative, will discuss their work within the context of the field, moderated by Assistant Professor Hobbs.

Julia Haft-Candell

October 28
Julia Haft-Candell: Contradictions

Ceramist sculptor Haft-Candell will discuss the evolution of her work over the last eight years, sharing how her surroundings influence her practice, and arguing that her artwork embraces a concept of contradiction.


November 4
John Foster: Accidental Mysteries: Extraordinary Vernacular Photographs

Foster, a critic, collector, and designer, has collected a broad range of found photographs that, while made casually as personal souvenirs, may be remarkably artistic as well. Usually made by amateur photographers whose training may have amounted to little more than point-and-click, these images can turn out to be unaffected, accidental masterpieces. Examined in new settings, outside family albums, and from points of view other than those of the people who created them, these images can take on new meanings that differ dramatically from those they were originally intended to convey. Foster’s presentation will introduce the exhibition of this same name opening later this evening. 


November 11
Dominic Cretara: Drawn To Paint

Cretara, Professor of Art at CSU-Long Beach, will speak about the fundamental role that observational drawing has played in his work: he will describe the process of creating initial compositional ideas from imagination, followed by the stage of information-gathering studies. Showing selected images of his work from the beginning of his career to the present, he will finish with a discussion of the connection between drawing and painting, translating from value to color.


November 18
ZURB: Design For People

ZURB has been practicing product design since 1998, long before people even realized that they were building digital products and not just websites. Ghaida Zahran, Design Lead at ZURB, will discuss why product design is important and how it is taking over the digital world.

November 25
No Lecture: Thanksgiving Break


December 2
Kevin B. Chen: After School — Art Opportunities Post-Graduation

Chen has been involved in the San Francisco Bay Area arts community for over twenty years as a curator, writer, and visual artist. He will discuss his curatorial and studio practice, and will provide practical information about how to pursue artistic opportunities outside of school.