Computers & Mobile Repair Service


Because of limited staffing and operations, we will only be able to take limited tech services by Walk-in or scheduling an appointment by emailing us at .  


Monday - Thursday: 8am to 5pm

Friday: 9am to 4pm


We offer troubleshooting and repair services for most computers and network devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile phones, Apple devices and much more. We offer a free 15 minute diagnostics to help identify issues with both software and hardware. 


Service Deposit: $20 - Will be added onto all tech services provided by the PTC

Tuneup/Virus Removal: $10

Software Update/ Install: $10

OS Installation(Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, Linux(popular distros)): $25

Data Backup: $25

BFI (Backup/Fresh Install): $50

Standard Hardware Install/Repair: $20

Advanced Hardware Install/Repair: $80

Macbook Damage/Repair: $80 - Variable based on repair time

Mobile/Tablet Screen Repair: $75