Bicycle Enclosures

How to Gain Bicycle Enclosure Access

View our bike brochure [pdf] to see where the enclosures are located and learn more about biking to campus. 

To sign up for an access key, fill out the Bike Enclosure Key Agreement Form, [pdf] [pdf] print it out, and turn it in at the General Services center in Student Union, East Wing (9th Street Plaza) Room 1800.

You'll need to provide the SJSU Tower Card number and your bicycle's make, model, color, and serial number (the serial number is usually printed on the bottom of the frame). There is a $15 fee for the access key.

Note: The lockers inside the Bike Enclosures are not weather-proof and are for storing.

Note: Only currently enrolled or employed SJSU students and faculty/staff may sign up for Bicycle Enclosure keys and  access the enclosures. TS will deactivate keys issued to users who are no longer enrolled or employed at SJSU.



Optional Bicycle Lockers

Transportation Solutions provides long-term rental of the accessory lockers inside every Bicycle Enclosure for a non-refundable base fee of $30.00 and a one-time refundable key deposit of $20.00. To rent a locker, fill out the Bike Locker Rental Agreement Form [pdf] [pdf], print it out, and turn it in at the General Services center in the Student Union.