Fall 2021 Changes to SJSU SmartPass Program


Notice: Student Union reopens August 2nd. Our office will be open Monday - Friday between 8:30am - 4:30pm. 

New Fall 2021 Students- The Smartpass request link is now open. Employees can request the SmartPass now. 

Associated Students has renegotiated its contract with VTA to meet the needs of the Fall semester. Please view the information below to learn about the Fall changes to the Smartpass program.


To be eligible for the VTA Smartpass, a student must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled in either in person or hybrid classes for the Fall 2021 semester
  • Have a mailing address within Santa Clara County
  • Live in on-campus housing

Students who do not meet one of these criteria but need to commute to campus for in person educational resources or employment may contact Transportation Solutions and request an exception to the eligibility criteria.

Open University students are required to pay the AS fee ($98) plus the $3 clipper fee. 

If you are currently (or will be living) in Santa Clara County, check your MySJSU account to confirm that your mailing address has been updated to your current/future residence. On-campus housing students are not required to update their mailing address.

To update your address, go to One.SJSU.edu and click the MySJSU spartan portal app. Login to your account, then scroll down to the personal information section and click "Edit Mailing Address" to begin updating your address.

Replacements: If you lost your SmartPass, we are currently waiving replacement fees through Fall. You will only be required to pay the $3 Clipper fee. 

Associated Students will invest transportation dollars towards improving existing and future sustainable transportation programs and services for students. 


SJSU employees are eligible for the VTA Smartpass. The fee is $25 a semester. If your SmartPass was deactivated in the past because you did not renew while you were working or because you did not meet the previous semester's eligibilty requirements but are now active, please renew your pass in person at our office. Your Smartpass will be reactivated withing 3-5 business days. The Spring 2022 renewal will begin in January 2022 and the deadline will be Febuary 2022. 

Replacements & Late Renewals: If you lost your SmartPass, we are currently waiving replacement fees through Fall. You will only be required to pay the $3 Clipper fee. There will be no penality for late renwals this semester, but we will resinstate the replacement and late renewal fees beginning Spring 2022.

SmartPass renewal fees are nonrefundable.

How to obtain a SmartPass 

If you are eligible for the Smartpass complete the online request. Your Tower ID is required for pick up. For Tower Card information visit the Bursars Office website or contact them to find out how to obtain a Tower Card. Please note there is a $3 clipper fee. 

If you want to learn more about the SmartPass program visit the program overview page

Imortant Information Regarding Refunds and Reimbursements

AS Transportation Solutions is not responsible for reimbursing costs for VTA rides due to ineligibility of SmartPass program or SmartPass issues due to VTA or Clipper reader issues.

Important Information Regarding Clipper Card Virtualization 

With the recent launch of the ability to add Clipper cards onto mobile wallets (Apple Wallet, Samsung Pay, etc.), we advise not to utilize this feature with the SmartPass, as this will void all discounts offered through the SmartPass program. If you have already done so, we advise you to come in to our office and request a replacement card. 

Important Information for Regional Transit Riders 

If you are not elgible for the SmartPass and do not meet the exceptions critiera, many regional transit lines that drop off at San Jose Diridon receive free transfers on VTA, visit VTA's website for more information. If you are eligible, the VTA Smartpass offers free VTA rides, and may be used to transfer from regional transit to VTA services.

Commuter Resource Guides

Stay up to date on the latest transportation changes impacting your commute to SJSU. We will continue to update this regularly. 

Student Commute Resource Guide [pdf]

Employee Commute Resource Guide [pdf]