Fall Changes to SJSU SmartPass Program

Associated Students has renegotiated its contract with VTA for the Fall term to meet the new realities of COVID-19. As classes will mostly be virtual, only students enrolled for Fall and living in Santa Clara County (including housing students) will be eligible for the SJSU SmartPass program. There will be no changes to the employee portion of the SmartPass program. 

We will be deactivating SmartPasses for students who do not meet the new eligibility requirements by August 15, 2020. You may continue to use your Clipper card to purchase transit passes or load E-cash for transit fare payment.

If you are currently (or will be living) in Santa Clara County, check your MySJSU account to confirm that your mailing address has been updated to your current/future residence prior to 8/15 to avoid potential deactivation. On-campus housing students are not required to update their mailing address.

To update your address, go to One.SJSU.edu and click the MySJSU spartan portal app. Login to your account, then scroll down to the personal information section and click "Edit Mailing Address" to begin updating your address.

Associated Students will invest transportation dollars towards improving existing and future sustainable transportation programs and services for students. These include but are not limited to: carpooling programs, bicycle infrastructure, and commuter incentives.

How to obtain a SmartPass 

If you meet the eligibility criteria and are looking to obtain a SmartPass, visit our How to Purchase Transit Passes COVID-19 page. If you want to learn more about the SmartPass program visit the program overview page.


Important Information for Regional Transit Riders 

Many regional transit lines that drop off at San Jose Diridon receive free transfers on VTA, visit VTA's website for more information. 

Students enrolled for Fall who need to commute to campus because they have in person classes or work on campus may be eligible to receive a reimbursement for their VTA transfer fees (up to two single rides per day). 

Reimbursement Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a current student.
  • Must be commuting to campus for in person classes or work on campus.
  • Must be using a regional transit line that does not receive free transfers such as Caltrain (single-ride, day passes and monthly pass traveling only 1 zone), BART, Highway 17 (non 31 day pass holders).

Reimbursement Terms:

  • If you are a new student purchase a non SJSU Clipper card and register it at Clipper.com -- Note: If you are a returning student and already have an SJSU clipper, you can use your SJSU issued Clipper instead of purchasing a new Clipper card. All fare payment must be paid using with a Clipper card with E-Cash uploaded into it. Visit the Clipper card website to learn how to upload E-Cash on to your Clipper card
  • Print out ridership history from clipper.com to show proof of the VTA rides taken and regional transit line used. 
  • Email transportation@sjsu.edu your ridership history from Clipper.com along with your SJSU ID number and mailing address. After TS verifies your eligibility for the reimbursement you will be mailed a check.
  • Reimbursements will be processed weekly.