Student Organization Funding

Student org funding

A.S. Funding Request

To request funding for your student org., submit the online Student Org. Funding Request application. Or, if you are a student that's presenting at a conference and not going as a member of a student organization, submit the online Individual Pilot Funding application. Don't forget to include all attachments. Missing attachments will make your request incomplete and unable to move forward.  Please refer to the A.S. Budget Policies for all of the restrictions and required documents needed.  A copy of the Student Organization Resource Guide is available for anyone who wants more information about A.S. funding with samples of what is expected as well as other helpful information.

The Associated Students at SJSU collects $98.00/per semester as a General Activities fee from each student. A portion of this fee is used to fund programs and services for student clubs, groups, and organizations. If you are not sure if an expense is appropriate please call us at (408) 924-6240 before you spend your funding. We will be happy to answer your questions. 

F.A.Q's - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I start a club or organization?
A. The Office of Student Involvement has information available about starting a new club or organization. Check their website or visit the office on the first floor of the Student Union 

Q. How do Student organizations receive funding?
A. You need to be recognized as a club, group, or organization by the Office of Student Involvement. Then pull up a Funding Request Form online at . Type in your answers in their entirety, and submit a completed copy of the form a minimum of 4 weeks before the scheduled event. All Funding Requests are subject to be in accordance with the A.S. Budget Policies.

Q. What are the deadlines?

You must submit a completed Funding Request Form (FRF) at least four (4) weeks prior to the date of approval of your early bird registration, program, event or activity. Use the chart below to help you determine when to submit your FRF.

If your event takes place the week of or after: You must submit your completed Funding Request Form by: You must attend the Finance Committee meeting on:
September 23, 2019 August 26, 2019 September 4, 2019
October 14, 2019 September 9, 2019  September 18, 2019 
October 28, 2019   September 23, 2019  October 2, 2019 
November 11, 2019  October 7, 2019  October 16, 2019 
November 25, 2019  October 28, 2019  November 6, 2019 
December 16, 2019  November 8, 2019  November 20, 2019 
December 30, 2019  November 25, 2019  December 4, 2019 

Begin to complete the form as soon as possible. You may need to gather additional documents or signatures from various individuals and departments on-campus and off-campus. Also, revisions may be requested before the form can be accepted. Allow yourself sufficient time to complete all of these tasks and still be able to submit the form on time. Funding Request Forms will NOT be accepted if your program, event or activity takes place less than two weeks from the date you submit a completed FRF.

To be complete, the FRF must contain all required information, only request funds in the ten categories listed above and have all required documentation attached. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Q. How much funding can a Student organization receive?
A. Each Student Organization may receive a maximum annual allocation, not to exceed, $2,700.00.  Groups requesting funds for Research Projects can get the full allocation of up to $2,700.00 per academic year after approval.

Q. If my Funding Request Form is approved, how soon can I receive my funding?
A. Once the Finance Committee approves your Funding Request, please wait 3-5 business days for all paperwork to be submitted to the General Services Center. After the 3-5 days business days, go to the General Services Center (located on the East Wing of the Student Union near the ATM's) with all of your original quotes to fill out the appropriate paperwork (i.e. requisitions for purchase orders or payments, and any contract request forms for your speaker/artist). It then takes approximately 10 business days for the requisitions and contracts to be approved and a check to be cut. Associated Students asks that you provide the minimal 4 weeks to get your Funding Request to be approved, but more than 4 weeks would be better for your event.

Q. Can I turn in the Funding Request Form now, and turn in all supporting documents later (i.e. Speaker/Artist biographical information, quotes, and publicity material)?
A. When submitting the Funding Request Form, it must be completed in its entirety with all supporting documents attached (i.e. Speaker/Artist biographical information, quotes, and publicity material). Incomplete Funding Request Forms will not be accepted.

Q. My event is next week, why can’t you just give me the money now?
A. Per the A.S. Budget Policies, the Student Organization Funding Process states, “The student organization shall allow at least four (4) weeks from the time a Funding Request Form is submitted online until the date of the program.  This time is required for the review and approval by the Controller, Finance Committee and/or Board of Directors.” Not allowing the minimal time to get the Funding Request Form approved provides a greater risk of Associated Students not funding your event.

Q. Can I be reimbursed if I don't have the original receipt?
A. You must supply a receipt to prove you purchased any items you want A.S. to fund, but do not pay for any item with personal funds that you are requesting funding in your Funding Request Packet prior to approval. Associated Students does not provide for direct reimbursements to organization members.

Q. When do I need to go to the Finance Committee?
A. Any request $1,000.01 - $2,700, needs to be placed on the Finance Committee agenda and then presented at an AS Finance Committee Meeting. Upon presentation, the AS Finance Committee will vote and allocate funds it determines necessary and reasonable from the student group’s proposal.  Meeting dates and deadlines are located above.

Q. Where do I get the proper forms?
A. Download the and complete the paperwork that is linked in the first paragraph of this webpage. You can also retrieve a hardcopy from the A.S. Government Office. Please contact the Government Administrative Assistant, Christy Riggins for more information.

Q. If I don't receive funding from the Associated Students, where else can I go?
A. There are other on-campus entities who may be willing to contribute to your organization:

  • University Advancement Student Activities Award
  • Crowdfunding
  • Also, contact your academic department for assistance. Try fundraising and sponsorships.