Program Planning Checklist

  • Review Program Planning Step-by-Step Process and the referenced policies, procedures and supporting resources, including the Program Planning Guidelines [pdf].

  • Review RDE information and prepare data to address student experience, retention, and graduation rates.

  • Determine what faculty member will write Program Plan.
    The Department Chair must request release time for Program Plan author.

  • Do I need to request an extension?
    The department chair identifies on the via the Curriculog form routed to the department chair a request for extensions/late submission for request approval. This will be automatically routed to the College Dean and the Program Planning Committee for approval. 

  • Write Program Plan.
  • Department Chair submits Program Plan in Curriculog.
    The completed program plan must be submitted via the Curriculog form routed to the department chair for approval by the college dean. The department chair will need to include in this form 3 names and CV's of qualified external reviewers.
  • College Dean reviews the Program Plan and approves the Curriculog form.
  • External Reviewer invited by the Office of Undergraduate Education. Contact Kim Huynh.

  • External Reviewers submits report to Department with a copy to Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and College Dean. Work with Office of Undergraduate Education to reimburse external reviewers expenses.

  • Is a rebuttal of the external review report necessary? Have we sent a thank you letter to reviewer? (make sure to cc: UE)

  • Will the College Curriculum Committee (CCC) review and comment on the external review report? If CCC reviews the program plan and report, submit a copy of their response in the Curriculog form.

  • Will the Department respond to the external review report or CCC comment? If department has a response, submit a copy of their response in Curriculog form.

  • College Dean finalizes Report and Program Plan and approves the Curriculog form. 

  • The Program Planning Committee reviews program planning report, external evaluator’s report and all responses, and prepares Letter to Provost that will be attached to the Curriculog form and emailed to the the Provost with copy to the Departments and college administration.

  • Hold Final Action Plan Meeting with College Dean, Provost and Department.
    • Action Plan is negotiated based on recommendations of department, dean, external reviewer, Program Planning Committee, and Provost.
    • Action Plan is signed by Department Chair, College Dean, and Provost
    • Action Plan is posted on Program Records webpage, along with Letter to the Provost.