Step-by-Step Process

To determine when your plan is due, view the Program Planning Calendar. The chair of the Program Planning Committee will send an email reminder to the Department Chair one full semester in advance of the Program Plan's due date. If your department requires an extension, the Program Planning Committee will review the your Extension Request Form submission. The Program Planning Checklist summarizes the steps of the Program Planning Process.

Step One: Required Data Elements

One full semester in advance of the due date of the Program Plan, a Curriculog form will be routed to Institutional Research to attach documentation regarding the Required Data Elements [pdf] (guidelines linked).  The form will then be routed to the department chair for Step Two.

Step Two: Writing the Program Plan

Use the Program Planning Guidelines [pdf] and support resources as reference as you write your program plan using the following templates: Non-Accredited Program Plan Template [docx] | Accredited Program Plan Template [docx].

The completed program plan must be submitted via the Curriculog form routed to the department chair for approval by the college dean. The department chair will need to include in this form 3 names and CV's of qualified external reviewers. As applicaple, departments will also need to complete the following components:  

General Education Component. Departments with General Education courses must submit a variety of support materials (per University Policy S14-5 [pdf]). Review the GE Component guidelines section. 

Certificate Programs. Departments with certificate programs must submit documentation as described in University Policy S13-10 [pdf].

Undergraduate Programs 120+ Units. If an undergraduate program has more than 120 units, an application for the 120 unit exception is required (University Policy S01-5 [pdf]).

Step Three: External Review

The list of three qualified external reviewers is submitted via Curriculog when acknowledging the start of the Program Plan Process or with the request for an extension. The visit is scheduled and coordinated by the Undergraduate Education Office. This step is not required for programs for externally professionally accredited programs that have already undergone external review. If a department has professionally accredited program(s) and non-professionally accredited program(s), the latter must participate in an External Review. The external review typically takes at least a semester. The external reviewers report, along with rebuttals, if any, are submitted via Curriculog.

Step Four: Program Planning Committee (PPC) Review

The documentation compiled up until this point undergoes review by the Program Planning Committee (PPC). The PPC prepares the Letter to the Provost summarizing key points of the documentation and appends the committee evaluation and recommendations.  

Step Five: Action Plan and Meeting with Provost

The last step in the process is to schedule a meeting with the department, dean, Undergraduate Education, Graduate Studies, Academic Budget and Planning, and the Provost to discuss results of the program planning process and the action plan for the department. Faculty are encouraged to attend this meeting. The Letter to the Provost from the Program Planning Committee will form the basis of discussion. The program planning process concludes when the action plan identifying the top 3-5 priorities with milestones and timeline are agreed upon by all parties.