General Education Assessment

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Director of General Education

The General Education Guidelines [pdf] require that General Education courses be assessed to measure if students are meeting the GE learning outcomes (per University Policy S09-2 [pdf]). The General Education Program has three program goals and nine program learning outcomes (PLOs). Each GE Area has defined GE Area Outcomes

2020-2021 GE Course Assessment Report

2021 General Education Annual Course Assessment Report. Use the linked GoogleForm to report on GE Courses for the 2020-2021 Academic Year. After you submit your reports (no later than October 1, 2021), your department chair and college associate dean will be notified. You may update the form after it is submitted. For reference only, please see the previously used Paper General Education Annual Course Assessment Form [docx].

2021-2023 GE PLO Assessment Schedule

The 2021-2023 Assessment Schedule for the GE PLOs is identified in the following chart, where "A" indicates the year the PLO is assessed. 

# Title S21 F21 S22 F22 S23 F23
1   Oral Communication           A
2   Written Communication   A        
3   Critical Thinking A          
4   Quantitative Reasoning     A      
5   Information Literacy   A        
6   Diversity, Inclusion, and Justice       A    
7   Civil and Global Engagement         A  
8   Integration and Application           A
9   Reflection and Self-Assessment       A    

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