BS Aviation - Flight Operations

The Flight Operations option is designed for those students who wish to work in the operations side for a commercial airline, including the position of pilot. In these two options, the students acquire a strong foundation of business and management principles, finance and accounting, information systems, communication skills, and teamwork.

Graduates of the BS in Aviation with an option in Operations will be able to:

  1. Describe the aerodynamic forces involved in an airplane in flight
  2. Analyze Meteorology and environmental issues related to aviation operation
  3. Apply conflict resolving and negotiation techniques to the aviation workplace
  4. Articulate the nature and sources of law and legal problems encountered by managers
  5. Describe aircraft communication systems including aircraft antennas, voice systems, satellite, UHF, VHF
  6. Utilize navigation concepts and fundamentals.
  7. Select and operate computer devices and navigation systems.
  8. Describe aspects of managing air transportation companies
  9. Describe the air traffic control system and relationships between en route, terminal, tower, and flight service functions
  10. Use principles in airport planning and management
  11. Demonstrate an understanding of instrument flight techniques
  12. Comprehend the role of finance in an aviation business including financial planning and forecasting
  13. Analyze the current structure of the aviation industry including general aviation, the airlines, corporate aviation, airports, original equipment manufacturers (OEMS), and manufacturers
  14. Describe the impact of limited airspace and airport capacity on the growth of the aviation industry
  15. Use systems analysis in solving economic decisions in aviation
  16. Apply total quality management techniques to business and management situations in aviation

The following courses are required for this option. To read a description of each course, please click on it. Please note that recurring changes to the course catalog may break or disable existing links. As an alternative, search the catalog for your desired course or visit the Advising page for more information.

General Education 

  • Of the 51 units required by the university, 24 may be satisfied by specified major and support requirements. Consult major advisor for details.

Preparation for the Major 

Aviation Core 

Operations Option (47 units)

BS in Aviation: Option in Aviation Operation -- Additional Program Information