BS - Industrial Technology, Concentration in Computer Electronics and Network Technology (CENT)

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology with a concentration in Computer Electronics and Network Technology is designed to prepare students for technical and management careers in business and industry, as well as careers in electronics and computer fields. You will gain knowledge, skills, and practical experiences in analog systems, digital systems, telecommunications, control of electronic industrial processes, instrumentation and automation, electronics manufacturing, and microprocessor-based systems design.

This dynamic and changing field applies electronic testing equipment, computer hardware and software to solving problems in electronics and computer industry. You will apply skills in automation technology; microprocessor systems; control systems; analog and digital systems; and computer simulation processes to design, analyze, and solve electronic circuits and systems. Graduates of the BSIT in Computer Electronics and Network Technology will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of current programming languages.
  2. Solve electronic circuit and electronic systems problems in analytical and creative ways.
  3. Apply analog and digital communication techniques.
  4. Use computer-aided design including printed circuit boards and integrated circuits.
  5. Use microprocessors and associated circuits in test simulations and system interfacing of processes.
  6. Develop and implement software systems for control of electronic industrial processes.
  7. Integrate the processes of instrumentation and automation in the electronics industry.
  8. Demonstrate skills in the control of electronics manufacturing processes, production scheduling and testing.
  9. Apply telecommunication theory and management.
  10. Design and analyze electronics circuits and systems.

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