• Email communications are sent to your preferred email.
  • Every student in the department must visit with a department academic advisor to have their hold cleared before they can register for classes.

Print and complete the following documents to bring to your scheduled advising appointment:

  1. Academic Advising Form Make sure the form is completely filled out with your current courses and planned courses for the following semester.
  2. Academic Planner
    Make sure the form is completely filled out, and that your academic planner shows clearly what courses are complete and which remain to be completed.



Email the Academic Advising Form along with course crossed-out Roadmap to Prof. Daniel Neal at


For ALL advising for BS Industrial Technology and MSQA majors, email the Academic Advising Forms to Dr. Ali Zargar at



Schedule An Advising Appointment

Schedule your advising appointment directly through Spartan Connect.


Critical Notes

  • Since 2008, SJSU has restricted the number of units that students may enroll in carefully. Related changes include that you may not advance register in a course which you are repeating. It is important to note that permission codes will not override these restrictions.
  • Many of you who expect to graduate have taken this to heart and either completed or nearly completed their applications for graduation. That is a necessary step to obtaining the important “graduating senior” status, so if you wish to take advantage of the higher unit enrollment limits for graduating seniors, or to be able to request excess units, please be aware you need to complete your graduation paperwork soon.
  • You also must have your academic advising hold cleared in order to be able to register at your first registration appointment. If you delay getting your hold cleared it is virtually certain that you will not get all the courses you need.
  • You should no longer assume that you can leave your department/major courses to register in later. They are also filling up and you can lose the opportunity to enroll if you delay your registration.
  • COURSE PREREQUISITES WILL BE ENFORCED. Course prerequisites can be found online:

This is a critical part of managing the quality of your degree program. Students who enroll in a course for which they have not completed prerequisites will be instructed to drop the course. In addition, you would be taking up a seat (during advance registration) in a class that someone else who is ready for the course needs, so it is not a neighborly thing to do.

There will be consideration given to a limited number of exceptions to this policy for students in their final year who would be delayed by at least one semester. In such cases accommodation is not guaranteed.

Make sure you take courses in the order intended.

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