Beethoven Thesaurus - Online Searching

The online version of the Beethoven Thesaurus is available through MultiTes

To browse the terms by hierarchies, click on "Top Terms"

Thesaurus main window

then click on the hierarchy you want to browse:


This will give you an alphabetical list of terms under that category:

Alphabetical list

You can also browse the entire list of terms in alphabetical order. This is the result when selected the letter Q:

Search by term

To search for terms, you have several options. We recommend selecting the "Terms contains word(s)..." option

Search options

Here you can search for popular titles of works or other synonyms of terms. For example, this search on "ghost trio"

Search by term

directs you to the correct term for searching our databases (Opus 70, no. 1):

Search results

The term records include scope notes (definitions and notes on usage), links to broader and narrower terms, and unused forms of the term.

Thesaurus record view

In the term display, click on "Google" or "Yahoo" to search the term on the web. Use the "Feedback" link to send an email about the term (to report problems, or ask questions about usage).

Web links

The "Hierarchy" link reveals the terms place in the structure of the Beethoven Thesaurus.