Using the Thesaurus to identify Beethoven manuscript

The Beethoven Thesaurus can be useful in tracking down sources for particular works, Beethoven's letters, and other primary research materials. The Documents section of the Thesaurus attempts to identify and briefly describe all known manuscripts, including sketches, autograph manuscripts, corrected copies, letters to and from Beethoven, and other original sources.The image below shows the begining of the alphabetical list under the term "Autographs."

Documents list


In most cases, the terms used to name the music sources are comprised of the work number followed by the type of document. For example, Beethoven's manuscript for the "Waldstein" Sonata is listed in the Thesaurus as "Opus 53--Autographs." If the autographs are divided by movements, the movement number is included as part of the string:

Autographs for Opus 130


In the cases where more than one autograph source exists for a particular work, the holding library's name for the source, or other identifying element might be used, or could be cross-references as the "unused form" (UF) of the term. The Thesaurus entry for each document includes the name of the current owner (mostly institutions but some private collectors also) in the scope note.

Term listing for Opus 130

The Letters section of the Document hierarchy includes correspondence to, from, and about Beethoven listed in the Briefwechsel Gesamtausgabe, with cross references from collections compiled by Emily Anderson and Theodore Albrecht when available. The Thesaurus allows for searching by name of correspondent by selecting the "relationship contains" criterion in the search box. For example, this search on "del rio" results in a list of correspondence to and from Cajetan Giannattasio del Rio:


List of letters