Sound Recordings

Complete Masterworks

Beethoven Bicentennial Collection

The Center's reading room has a listening area for enjoying compact discs, LPs, and cassettes, including recordings of concerts sponsored by the Center. Among the boxed sets are the complete works issued by Deutsche Grammophon on LP (1971) and CD (1997), and the selected masterworks issued by Brilliant Classics. The Blakeley Collection, an extensive library of recordings donated by Barry Blakeley, is a comprehensive collection of Beethoven's symphonies and concertos issued on LP and CD.




On request, visitors may view tapes or DVDs of performances, documentaries, and a few feature films from the Center's collection. Among the most popular titles are:

 Beethoven Lives Upstairs   Keeping Score  

Most of the Center's sound recordings and videos are cataloged on the Beethoven Gateway.