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Beethoven manuscripts, first editions, and other rare and unique items associated with Beethoven frequently appear for sale at auction. Every issue of The Beethoven Journal includes a brief report on recent offers and sales.

An online database that tracks these offerings is now available online. Compiled by the Beethoven Center's Curator, Patricia Stroh, the database includes the indexes of Beethoven manuscripts, first and early editions, and other materials sold at auction from 1985-2005 that appeared in the following publications:

Ira Brilliant and Patricia Elliott, "A Ten-Year Review of the Beethoven Auction Market (1985-1995)," compiled by Ira Brilliant and Patricia Elliott. Beethoven Journal 11, no. 1 (Spring 1996): 26-31. Index covers the years 1985-1995.

Patricia Stroh, "Beethoven in the Auction Market: A Twenty-Year Review." Notes 63, no. 3 (March 2007): 533-564. Index covers the years 1996-2005.

Descriptions of Beethoven materials offered and sold since 2005 are also included in the Beethoven Auction database. These updates are posted twice per year.

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