How to get access to the Beethoven Gateway

The Beethoven Gateway (formerly the Beethoven Bibliography Database) is maintained as a separate reference database in the San Jose State University Library's online public access catalog, which uses the Millennium system designed by Innovative Interfaces of Emeryville, California.

The Beethoven Gateway is freely available on the web.

This URL will connect you directly to the Database. If you wish to create a link to the Database from a web page, we recommend that you link to the Database page on the Beethoven Center's home page rather than directly to the Database itself.

Occasionally, users will be denied access to the database because their institutions are blocking access to port 83 on the San José State University Library's server, or because the library server is down for maintenance or other reasons. If you have repeated access problems, please check with your internet service provider or contact us.

Detailed instructions on searching the Database are printed in the User's Guide.