Bibliographical Content

The Beethoven Gateway provides bibliographical access and/or content to the following categories of materials:

Literature on Beethoven

Both the Beethoven Bibliography Database and the Beethoven Center catalog index publications in many languages, primarily English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, and Spanish. Most of the books and journal articles currently indexed in the Beethoven Bibliography Database are in the collection of the Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies. See our guidelines for locating materials to identify copies or borrow materials through your local libraries.

The types of publications indexed by the Beethoven Gateway include:
    • books
    • articles from scholarly music and non-music journals
    • dissertations and theses
    • reviews of books, scores, recordings, and concerts
    • essays and other sections of books
    • newspaper articles
    • encyclopedia articles

Books devoted to Beethoven encompass wide range of publications, from children's books to scholarly monographs, all of which are included in the Beethoven Gateway. Books on other subjects that contain discussions of Beethoven and/or his music are also included, although in the Beethoven Bibliography Database generally only their Beethoven content is indexed. Gateway users may retrieve lists of some types of books using the keyword terms such as "biographies" or "children's literature." A full list of these terms is available in the Beethoven Thesaurus (click on Top Terms, then select "Categories").

More than half of the Beethoven Bibliography Database consists of fully-indexed citations to articles in journals and other collections of essays. These not only include articles in music journals but in the periodical literature of other fields as well, such as comparative literature, art history, European history, medicine, philosolphy, and many more. The process of collecting and indexing journal articles is ongoing, and at present not all Beethoven-related articles from a particular journal title are yet included. However, indexing is complete for the following journals, with the exception of some recent issues:

    • Acta musicologica (1928-)
    • Archiv für Musikforschung (1936-1942)
    • Beethoven Jahrbuch (1953-1981)
    • Beethoven Forum (1992-2008)
    • The Beethoven Newletter/Journal (1986- )
    • Early Music (1972-)
    • College Music Symposium (1961-)
    • Current Musicology (1965- )
    • In Theory Only (1975-)
    • Indiana Theory Review (1977-)
    • Journal of Music Theory (1957-)
    • Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy (1987-)
    • Journal of Musicology (1982-)
    • Journal of the American Musicological Society (1948- )
    • Music Analysis (1982-)
    • Music and Letters (1920- )
    • Music Perception (1983-)
    • The Music Review (1940-1994)
    • Music Theory Spectrum (1983-)
    • The Musical Quarterly (1915-1986; 1988- )
    • Die Musikforschung (1948- )
    • 19th-Century Music (1977-)
    • Notes (Series 2) (1943-)

Editions of Beethoven's music

To locate published editions of Beethoven's music held by the Beethoven Center, us the OneSearch library catalog. A few editions located in other libraries and collections, for which the Beethoven Center owns photocopies, are also included. The catalog currently provides access to only about 95% of the Beethoven Center's collection of music editions, including:

  • first editions
  • other editions from Beethoven's lifetime
  • other important editions published in the 19th century, including arrangements and collected works
  • important 20th-century editions, particularly scholarly critical editions

The Beethoven Center provides photocopy and scanning services of rare editions in the collection. See also our guidelines for locating Beethoven editions in your local libraries.

Some of the Beethoven Center's editions have been digitized and are available for viewing or downloading from the Beethoven Digital Collections database.

The Beethoven Bibliography Database also indexes catalogs and other resources that cite first and early editions of Beethoven's music.

Manuscripts (originals and facsimiles)

Many of the original manuscripts held by the Beethoven Center are currently described only on the Beethoven Center's website, and some are listed in the library catalog. Beginning in 2018, the manuscripts should also be available in the Beethoven Digital Collections.

Facsimile publications of Beethoven's music manuscripts, letters, and other documents are indexed in the library catalog. These include Beethoven's sketchbooks; fair copies and other autograph music manuscripts; contemporary copies of scores not in Beethoven's hand; letters; and other important music and biographical documents. Some manuscript facsimiles printed as illustrations in books are also indexed in the catalog and the Beethoven Bibliography Database.

The Beethoven Thesaurus identifies and provides information on locations of other Beethoven manuscripts throughout the world.


Art materials and ephemera

The library catalog includes many of the Beethoven Center's holdings of art engravings and objects, photographs and other graphic materials, maps, and some of the ephemera (e.g. concert programs) and art objects. Some of these are available online in the Beethoven Digital Collections.


Other content

The library catalog also includes many of the Beethoven Center's holdings of sound records and audio-visual materials, including:

    • Sound recordings: compact discs including the Blakeley Collection of Beethoven symphonies and concertos
    • Audio/visual materials: video tapes and DVDs of Beethoven documentaries, feature films, performances, lectures, and more.

 However, the Center's LP collection is not cataloged online.