Digital Content


Beginning in the Fall of 2015, digital images in the Beethoven Gateway will migrate to the Beethoven Center Image Database on the San Jose State University Library's Digital Collections  website.

The Beethoven collections thus far include:

Beethoven Portraits

Lithographs, engravings, and three-dimensional objects depicting other Beethoven associated with Beethoven or his music, including other composers, musicians, poets, writers, critics, historians, etc.

Beethoven First Editions

Printed editions (scores and parts) of Beethoven's works in their earliest publications

Beethoven Homes and Haunts

Images of Bonn, Vienna, Heiligenstadt, Baden, and many other places where Beethoven lived and worked, as well as other locations world-wide associated with performance and study of his music. Includes landscapes and cityscapes, interiors and exteriors of buildings such as palaces and theaters, images of country and city life, and other images of locations, many dating from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Beethoven Center Maps

Maps dating from the 17th-20th centuries of regions of Europe, cities and villages, and other locations associated with Beethoven.

Album Beethoven

Album published in 1841 in Vienna by P. Mechetti containing piano works by eleven composers. The album was sold in Germany to raise funds for the new Beethoven monument erected in Bonn in 1845. This publisher's presentation copy contains a frontispiece illustration of a monument by J.N. Geiger and drawings of Beethoven's birthplace, the Schwarzspanierhaus where he died in Vienna in 1827, and a drawing of his tombstone. In addition to the piano transcription by Franz Liszt of Beethoven's Funeral March from the Eroica Symphony, and the first edition of Mendelssohn's Variations serieuses, the album contains works by Chopin, Czerny, Doehler, Henselt, Kalbrenner, Moscheles, Taubert, and Thalberg.

The number of images that will be added depends on receipt of funding for this phase of the project. First priority will be given to first editions of Beethoven's music and arts works in the Center's collection. Please help us develop the digital Beethoven Gateway by sponsoring an image!