Beethoven Gateway - Volunteering

The Beethoven Gateway needs volunteers!

We are recruiting volunteers to index books and articles to add to the Beethoven Gateway. Volunteers need not live near the Beethoven Center. We will provide online training and access to the resources you will need to complete your work. If you are interested in serving as a volunteer, please email Patricia Stroh with information on your particular qualifications and interests. She will then contact you to answer any questions, discuss indexing assignments, and arrange for your training.

Volunteer Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Beethoven's music, or;
  • Knowledge of another subject area for which there is significant Beethoven literature (e.g. European history, art, medicine, etc.)
  • Reading knowledge of a language other than English especially desirable. We particularly need indexers who are reasonably fluent in German, French, Italian, Spanish, or Russian;
  • Access to the internet and email;
  • Ability to commit at least one year to the project (number of hours flexible);
  • Willingness to commit to completing an indexing assignment within a set time frame (negotiated with project co-directors);
  • Access to a research library collection desirable but not required.

Volunteer Indexer Duties

  • Complete online training (approx. 10 hours).
  • Consult with project directors on indexing assignment. Books/articles assigned will either be made available online, borrowed from local libraries, or loaned to you by the Beethoven Center.
  • Examine the material and assign main subject and category headings for the book/article as a whole and for individual chapters/sections if applicable.
  • Identify passages or abstracts in the text that summarize content.
  • If assigned materials in languages other than English, translate the summary passages or abstracts, or write an abstract in English.
  • Examine the material for discussions of Beethoven topics appearing on at least 5 pages, and assign minor subject heading for these topics.
  • Identify and assign minor subject headings from topics in the book index, if applicable.
  • Consult the Beethoven Thesaurus and Beethoven Gateway as necessary to assist with determining the best subject headings.
  • Make notes on other content of the books (e.g. important tables and appendices).
  • Complete indexing form and return it to the Beethoven Center. (These forms may either be completed online and returned via email or sent in paper copy).
  • Keep statistics on the number of items indexed and the total time spent and send monthly reports to the Beethoven Center.