Grants and Private donations

Donor Organizations

The following organizations have contributed to the development of the Beethoven Bibliography Database (now the Beethoven Gateway):

Principal Funders

David and Lucile Packard Foundation (1996-2002)
College of Humanities & the Arts, San Jose State University (1990-present)


California State Library, Library Services and Construction Act (1990-1991)
College of Business, San José State University (1993)
Compton Foundation (1991)
Eva B. Buck Charitable Trust (1993, 1995)
Farrington Historical Foundation (2001, 2003, 2005)
International Student Services, San José State University (1996)
Stella B. Gross Charitable Trust (1993)
Innovative Interfaces (1993)
National Endowment for the Humanities (1993-1995)
Office of the Academic Vice President, San José State University (1993)

Individual Donors

We are grateful to the following individuals for their have contributions to the development of the Beethoven Bibliography Database (now the Beethoven Gateway):

Gerald Alexanderson
Enide Allison
Charlene Archibeque
Tom and Ann Atkinson
Alfred Ava
Thomas Bailey
Dean Batt
John and Virginia Beahrs
Donna Beckage
June Bell
Steve Bergquist
Eugene and Christine Bernardini
Martin Bernstein
Lee Birch
Larry and Susan Black
Geoffrey Block
Max and Mim Bloom
Peter Bloom
Walt and Pat Bowman
Susan Schulte Braddock
Lois Brainard
Roger and Cornelia Brenneis
Ira and Irma Brilliant
Robert Brilliant
Laurel Brobst
Richmond Browne
William F. Buckley, Jr.
Marshall and Marlene Burak
Rex and Nancy Burbank
Charles and Katherine Burdick
Alan and Doris Burgess
L. Poundie Burstein
Gary Burton
Lousia Cagwin
Pat and Josi Callan
David Campen
Tressie Campen
Vance Carney
Lisa Chasin
Prudence Choi
Paul and Suzanne Christensen
Bathia Churgin
Verle Clark
James and Patricia Compton
Christina Conti
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cookson
Carol Correa
Victor and Joan Corsiglia
Lisa Cox
Jack and Bev Crane
Daniel and Mary Creel
Caroline Crummey
Irene Dalis
Faith Davies
Laurence and Jimmie Dawson
David Dickinson
Alan Dierks
Rod Diridon
Albert and Carmen Dixon
Horace Dodge
Margery Dorian
Jack and Kathryn Douglas
Liz Doyle
Henry and Joy Drinker
Louise Dronkert
Gerry Dunckel
Henry and Judy Duque
Lou and Louetta Eastman
Becky Edwards
Joseph and Diane Ehrman
Diane Ettelson
George and Helene Ettelson
John Ettelson

Handel and Carol Evans
Mark Faigenbaum
Jack Faust
Willfred and Dorothy Fidlar
Nancie Fimbel
William Fisher
Gail Fullerton
Steve French
Tommy Fulcher, Jr.
Mina Garman
G. Henle Verlag
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn George
William George
David and Margaret Gilmore
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Glenn
Ruth I. Gillen
Isadore Gluckman
Mary Gordon
Robert Gottlieb
Edward Grabowski
James Green
Christopher and Ann Greene
L. Michael Griffel
Leonid Grin
Scot Guenter
Ruth Hafter
Joan Hammer
Phil and Susan Hammer
Lloyd Hanford
George W. Hardman
Wolfgang and Doris Hausen
Philip and Mary Hawley
Kenneth and Janet Gray Hayes
James Healey
Brent Heisinger
Paul and Martha Hertelendy
Elfrieda Hiebert
Kathleen Hulburd
Nancy Ianni
Jo Iseman
Aphri Jacobsen
Owen Jander
James and Dana Jasper
Finn Jenssen
Larry and Claire Jinks
Allen and Darlyn Johnson
Rolston and Jackie Johnson
Kenneth Johnston
Sharon Johnston
Ann Harris Jones
Maureen Jones
Thomas S. and Madge Jordan
Susan Kagan
Alfred and Heidi Kanwischer
Mr. and Mrs. Don Kassing
Kent and Patricia Kaufman
Bob Kieve
R ick and Consuelo Santos Killins
Harv Kimura
Mike and Wendy Kirst
Harvey and Elaine Knoernschild
Richard Kramer
Lin and Carol Krebs
Kristin Knittel

Ruth Langwill
Tom and Jackie Lauer
Bob and Virginia Larson
Joseph Lawton
Mr. and Mrs. Lawerence Lee
Mort and Elaine Levine
David Levy
Ed and Shirley Lewis
Jack Lin
Bun and Marty Lion
Joseph and Lela Llorens
Ted and Emily Lorraine
Ted and Karen Lucas
Susan Lund
Richard Macnutt
Scott Mann
Michael March
Dimitry Markevitch
Jeff Mayers
Paul and Lola Mayes
Jo Renee McCachren
Jeanne McCann
Bill McCraw
Harrison and Mary McCreath
Yvonne McGlynn
Ben and Pat McKendall
Doug and Alice McLendon
Michael and Heidi Melas
Brett and Marian Melendy
Mendez Alvarez family
Bill Meredith
Bill and Charlotte Meredith
Mr. and Mrs. George Miskulin
Irene Miura
John and Ruth Moore
Lucille Moorhead
Michael and Maria Mortkowitz
Caroyln Moses
Edward Mosher
Henry Neiger
Mike and Yvonne Nevens
William S. and Claire Newman
Robert and Virginia O'Reilly
Arlene Okerlund
Dick and Sally Osberg
W.A. and Bettie Ott
Charles and Janina Paul
Mary Pease
Cathy Peek
William and Anne Petchauer
D.R. Phillips
Peter Pinsky
Gwen S. Powell-Balogh
James Pruett
Janet Redding
Willis Regier
Sydney Resnick
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Richardson
Fauneil Rinn
Maynard and Carol Robinson
Jack and Rebecca Rodman
Rafael Romo

Robert Rountree
Joseph Rubinfine
Al Ruffo
Conrad Rushing
Arthur and Nadine Ryder

Lawrence Sack
Robert and Joan Salter
William Scheide
William P. Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scheufele
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Schmidt
Harold C. Schonberg
Joseph and Janet Schumb
James M. Sealy
George Seufert
Ahmir Shah
Susan Shillinglaw
Jack Silveria
Frederick SkinnerMr. and Mrs. Steve Snell
Stanley Sprei
Fred and Serena Stanford
Bruce and Shirley Stevenson
Norman and Shirley Stoner
Ann Strangman
Patricia Stroh
Scott Stroh
Yvonne Sullivan
Marie-Elisabeth Tellenbach
Rosemary Thorne
John and Elaine Troyan
Leslie Tung
Barbara Day Turner
Martha Turner
Mario and Sharon Valente
Laurel Verissimo
Mr. and Mrs. James Walsh
Sheryl Walters
Ann K. Walton
Sybil Weir
David Wendel
Hal Wendel
James and June Wendel
Tom Wendel
Gerald and Jean Wheeler
Jo Whitlatch
Preston Lea Wilds
Burton K. and Mary Frances Wines
Stan Wolfe
Kathryn Young
Roy Young
Virginia Youngman