Volume 13, no. 2 Winter 1998

The Beethoven Journal

Vol. 13, no. 2 (Winter 1998)

Michael A. Laderman. "The Power of 'Omnipotens': A Study of the Gloria of Beethoven's Missa solemnis." (pp. 54-57)

Jack Douglas. "Sir Thomas Beecham: Reluctant Beethovenian? A Survey of His Beethoven Performances and Recordings." (pp. 58-62)

James Regin and Patricia Elliott Stroh. "A Checklist of First Editions of Beethoven's Works in the Collection of the Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies." (pp. 62-69)

Barry Cooper. "Beethoven's Fourth Fortepiano Concerto Revisited: A Response to Hans-Werner Küthen." (pp. 70-72)

Hans-Werner Küthen. "Question of Dating and the History of Sources: A Response to Barry Cooper's Critique Concerning the Chamber Music Version of Beethoven's Fourth Concerto." (pp. 73-75)

Thomas Wendel. Book Review: "Kenneth Drake. The Beethoven Sonatas and the Creative Experience." (pp. 76-78)

Patricia Elliott Stroh. "Beethoven on Video: A Review of Selected Educational Programs (1988-1998). (pp. 79-83)

Patricia Elliott Stroh. "Selected Recent Beethoven and Beethoven-Related Books and Music Scores (1997-1998). (pp. 84-87)

"Letters to the Editor." (p. 88)

"Miscellanea." (pp. 89-91)