Volume 15, no. 2 Winter 2000

The Beethoven Journal

Vol. 15, no. 2 (Winter 2000)

Jos van der Zanden. "Love or Pity? A Musical Message from Beethoven's Grandfather." (pp. 50-56)

Owen Jander. "'Cramer, Cramer! We Shall Never Be Able To Do Anything Like That!' Understanding a Favorite Quotation about Mozart's Concerto in C Minor, K. 491, and Mozart's Influence on Beethoven's Concertos." (pp. 57-63 and a 48-p. supplement of musical examples)

John De Lancie. "The Cadenza for Oboe in Beethoven's Fifth Symphony." (pp. 64-65)

Paul M. Ellison. Book Review: "Russell Martin's Beethoven's Hair." (pp. 66-68)

William Meredith. Conference Report: "Beethoven Papers at the International Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music, Royal Holloway, University of London, June 29-July 2, 2000." (pp. 69-72)

Patricia Stroh. "A Decade of Beethoven on CD-ROM (1989-1998)." (pp. 73-77)

Patricia Stroh. "Recent Beethoven and Beethoven-Related Books, Music Editions, and Facsimiles (1998-2000)." (pp. 78-84)

Susan Kagan and Thomas Wendel. "Beethoven on CD." (pp. 85-86)

William Meredith. "Obituary. A Crucial Friend: William S. Newman April 6, 1912-April 27, 2000." (pp. 87-89)

"Miscellanea." (pp. 90-91)