Volume 16, no. 1 Summer 2001

The Beethoven Journal

Vol. 16, no. 1 (Summer 2001)

Donna Beckage. "Evoking Beethoven on the Stage: Peter Ustinov, Stanley Freiberg, and Adrienne Kennedy." (pp. 2-11)

Michael Bar-Shany. "Beethoven in the Eyes of The Harmonicon (1823-1833): The Reviews of the Philharmonic Society Concerts." (pp. 12-19)

Barry Cooper. "The Cramer Anecdote about Beethoven: A Reassessment." (pp. 20-23)

Owen Jander. "In Defense of the Cramer Narrative." (pp. 24-25)

Malcolm Miller. Conference Report. "'Beethoven's String Quartets: A Classic or Modernistic Legacy?' School of Music, University of Victoria, Canada, March 24-26, 2000." (pp. 26-29)

Susan Kagan and Thomas Wendel. Reviews: "Beethoven on CD." (pp. 30-32)

Malcolm Miller. Concert Review. "The United Kingdom Premiere of a Beethoven Pianoforte Concerto? Mill Hill Music Club, London, April 22, 2001." (p. 33)

Patricia Stroh. "Recent Beethoven and Beethoven-Related Books and Music Editions (1998-2001)." (pp. 34-39)

Paul Ellison. "Beethoven News." (p. 40)

"Ask the Experts. The 'Secret Drawer' in Beethoven's Last Apartment." (p. 41)

"Letters to the Editor." (p. 42-51)