Volume 16, no. 2 Winter 2001

The Beethoven Journal

Vol. 16, no. 2 (Winter 2001)

Virginia Beahrs. "Kantians Concepts in the Life and Music of Beethoven: Reassessing Beethoven's Moral Imperatives." (pp. 54-61)

Oldrich Pulkert. "Almerie Esterházy Revisted: Defining Celeda's 'Immortal Beloved' Theory." (pp. 62-68)

Paul M. Ellison. "Beethoven and Schenker: Unraveling those Graphs, with an Explanation of Schenker's Analysis of the 'Ode to Joy'." (pp. 69-73)

"Reprints of Note: Basil Maine's Essay on the Criticism Written Around the Beethoven Centenary of 1927." (pp. 74-76)

Ira Brilliant. "Beethoven Auction Report." (pp. 77-78)

Paul M. Ellison. "Beethoven News 2001-2002." (pp. 79-80)

Elizabeth Fleming. Book Review. "Genius: Owned or Borrowed?" (pp. 81-82)

William Meredith. "Beethoven 'Yearbooks,' Beethoven Periodicals, and the Future of Beethoven Forum, with an Author Index to Vols. 1-8." (pp. 83-87)

Susan Kagan and Thomas Wendel. "Beethoven on CD." (pp. 88-90)

William Meredith. "Beethoven Papers Read at the 2001 Meeting of the American Musicological Society." (pp. 91-95)

Patricia Stroh. "Recent Beethoven and Beethoven-Related Books and Music Editions (1999-2001)." (pp. 96-100)

Patricia Stroh. "Selected Special Acquisitions (2000-2001) at the Beethoven Center." (pp. 101-102)

"Letter to the Editor." (pp. 102-103)