Volume 23, no. 1 Summer 2008

The Beethoven Journal

Vol. 23, no. 1 (Summer 2008)

Grant William Cook III. “Dwight’s “Diarist” and “’John,’ a Portland boy. The 1858 Trans-Atlantic voyage of Alexander Wheelock Thayer and John Knowles Paine.” (pp. 4-14)

Josef Eisinger “Was Beethoven Lead-Poisoned?.” (pp.15-17)

Barry Cooper. “Beethoven’s Last Two Folksong Settings and Their Origins: Austrian Folksongs with Their Melodies (1819)”. (pp. 18-23)

Aaron S. Allen. “Beethoven and George Thomson: A New Letter Fragment from 1816.” (pp. 24-32)

Patricia Stroh. “Beethoven Auction Report (2008), Including an Addendum for 2007 on the Schram collection Beethoven Letter.” (pp. 33-35)

Susan Kagan and William Meredith. “Beethoven on CD.” (pp. 36-39)

Patricia Stroh. “Recent Beethoven and Beethoven-Related Publications (2007-2008).” (pp. 40-46)

“To the editor.” (p. 47)