Volume 26, no. 1 Summer 2011

Beethoven Journal CoverThe Beethoven Journal

Vol. 26, no. 1 (Summer 2011)

Michael Broyles, "Beethoven, Spirituality, and Spiritualism in 20th Century England and America"
(pp. 4–11)

Sarah Clemmens Waltz, "Great Expectations: Beethoven’s Scottish Songs." (pp.12–25)

Jos van der Zanden, "Beethoven Run Over: A Curious Traffic Accident in Early 1819." (pp. 26–27)

Barry Cooper, "Beethoven in the Eyes of His Contemporaries (Book Review)." (pp. 28–30)

William George, Siepmann’s Haydn (CD/CD-ROM Review)." (pp. 31–32)

Patricia Stroh, "Recent Beethoven Publications 2009–2010 (and Related Books 2008– 2010)." (pp. 33–43)

William Meredith, "New Acquisition: The First Edition of the Instrumental Parts of the Ninth Symphony, 'Ode to Joy,' Opus 125." (pp. 44–46)

William Meredith, "The State of the Center and Society – June 30, 2011." (pp. 47)