Beethoven Journal vol. 27, no. 2

Beethoven Journal title page

Winter 2012

1. Jean Kreiling, "'Yelling at Joy': Poetic Responses to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony." (pp. 56-63)

2. Grant Cook, "The Final American Residency of Beethoven's Biographer Alexander Wheelock Thayer." (pp. 64-73)

3. William Meredith, "New Acquisitions (Summer 2012): The Yvonne Hummel Collection." (pp. 74-80)

4. Johann Pezzl, "Beethoven's Vienna: 'The Imperial Library,' Chapter 78 of Johann Pezzl's Skizze von Wien (1787)." (pp. 81-83)

5. Patricia Stroh, "Beethoven Auction Report." (pp. 84-85)

6. Patricia Stroh, "Recent Beethoven Publications and Related Books 2010-2012." (pp. 86-94)

7. WEBeethoven (pp. 95)

8. William Meredith, "Cramolini's Lock of Beethoven's Hair and a Translation of the Account of Beethoven's Funeral by Ignaz Ritter von Seyfried in Haslinger's First Edition of 'Beethoven's Begraebniss' (1827)." (pp.96-99)