Volume 29, no. 2 Summer 2014


Cover of Beethoven Journal summer 2014 issueBathia Churgin, “Beethoven’s Handel and the Messiah Copies.” (pp. 5-13)

Jens Dufner, “Beethoven and His Copyists: Written Conversations.” (pp. 14-23)

Conference Announcement – Fourth New Beethoven Research Conference: Beethoven and the Congress of Vienna (1814-15). (pp. 24-26)

“New Acquisition: ‘Ludwig van Beethoven’: Karl Christian Friedrich Krause’s 1827 Biographical Sketch and Music Discussion.” Translated by Uwe Wrede. Annotated By William Meredith. (pp. 27-29)

Julian Carroll and William Meredith “Beethoven and Mozart on CD.” (pp. 30-33)

William Meredith. “What Did Beethoven Really Say About the Mozart Requiem?” (pp. 34-39)

“Recent Beethoven Publication and Related Books: 2013-2014.” Compiled and Annoted by Patricia Stroh. (pp. 40-47)