Volume 29, no. 2 Winter 2014

 Cover of Beethoven Journal winter 2014 issue

John Clubbe, "The Eroica in its Revolutionary Context: Seume's Spaziergang nach Syrakus." (pp. 53-65).

"'Vienna': Chapter 5 of the 1828 Edition of John Russell's Tour in Germany." Introduction by William Meredith. (pp. 66-83).

Patricia Stroh and John Wilson, "Fourth 'New Beethoven Research' Conference: 'Beethoven and the Congress of Vienna,' Beethoven-Haus, Bonn, September 10-12, 2014." (pp. 84-87).

Patricia Stroh, "Beethoven Auction Report (2014)." (pp. 88-89).

Patricia Stroh, "Recent Beethoven Publications and Related Books from 2013-2014." (pp. 90-97).

William Kinderman, "Obituary, Joseph Kerman (London, April 23-1924-Berkeley, California, March 17, 2014)." (pp. 98-99).

Nils Peterson, "Late Music, Listening to the Quartets." (p. 99).