Volume 30, no. 1 Summer 2015

 Cover of Beethoven Journal winter 2015 issue

Owen Jander, "'If Love and Strength are Wedded': The Meaning of the Choral Fantasia, Opus 80, and the Work's Narrative Significance as the Conclusion of Beethoven's Concert of December 22, 1808." (pp. 4-24)

William Meredith, "The History of 'Beethoven's' Skull Fragments: Part Two." (pp. 25-29)

Andreas Johns and Christopher Reynolds, "Beethoven's Houses in Vienna: An Album of Woodblock Prints by Emma Bormann." (pp. 30-36)

Patricia Stroh, "Recent Beethoven Publications and Related Books 2014-2015." (p. 37-42)

Susan Kagan, "Book Review: Jan Swafford's Beethoven: Anguish and Triumph." (p. 43)

William Meredith, "Obituary: Owen Jander." (pp. 44-46)

Jonathan Del Mar, "Letter to the editor." (p. 47)