Volume 30, no. 2 Winter 2015

 Cover of Beethoven Journal winter 2015 issue

Julia Ronge, "Beethoven's Ambitions in Church Music: Plans, ideas, and Fragments." (pp. 52-61).

"30th Anniversary Celebration Gala of the Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies: Honoring Its Founding Director, William Meredith, Ph.D." (pp. 62-63).

Alessandra Comini, "Philosophy or Pornography?: Gustav Klimt's Scandalous Beethoven Frieze of 1902 Revisited." (pp. 65-74).

"Announcement: Beethoven's Vienna Exhibit Now Online." (p. 75)

"'The Might Chancellor of the Kingdom of Fantasy': An 1830s Monument to Beethoven," translated by Adriana Ratsch-Rivera, with notes by William Meredith. (pp. 76-80)

Patricia Stroh, "Beethoven Auction Report (2015)." (pp. 81-83)

Patricia Stroh, "Introducing the New Beethoven Gateway." (pp. 84-87)

Patricia Stroh, "Recent Beethoven Scores and a Few New Books (2013-2015)." (pp. 88-93)

William Meredith, "Editorial: On the Uses of the Word Fortepiano and Piano." (pp. 94-95)